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Polarity Therapy, what is it? Could it be useful for you?

Polarity Therapy was born in the mid 1900’s under the inspiration and insight of Dr. Randolph Stone. Its potential rebirth is being celebrated in New York City this June 20 – 23. Some of the best Polarity Therapy teachers in the country will gather on Long Island for the Renaissance for Polarity Conference 2019. This blog…

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What’s to Know about Menopause?

When you think you could be heading into menopause, there’s a lot that’s mysterious and new. It’s time to expand your experiential horizons; stretch some. Is this a symptom of the PAUSE, or am I just restless? Is this room really hot or is it me? Then there’s that stage later in the experience where…

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It was quite a while ago. I was teaching my first cooking class at Kripalu in Massachusetts, and it was a small group, perfect for learning. As we went around with the introductions that first session, there was this exuberant dark-haired woman who was incredibly enthusiastic about Ayurveda – and my cookbooks. Huh. I didn’t…

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