Adapt Recipes Use Ayurveda with Ease

Adapt Recipes Use Ayurveda with Ease

Adapt Recipes Use Ayurveda with ease is a creative process. You can play with the food you eat in fresh ways, to make it just right for you. Ayurveda has tremendous tools to specifically hone recipes to suit you and/or your household, using the 21 gunas, the 6 tastes, breath, and marma.

When our daughter Iza was a baby, I wrote The Ayurvedic Cookbook with Mataji (Urmila) Desai. We adapted mostly Gujarati dishes from Mataji’s homeland in western India for an American palate. It was a really fun process. Mataji provided traditional recipes, and then we would brainstorm about how they could be adapted for this continent. What doshas would they be best for? How could we make them more tridoshic, friendly to Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, all of them together? Ayurveda’s approach is a seasonal one. What balanced meals could we offer for each season?

When it came time later to create Ayurvedic Cooking for Westerners, a solo project, I perused old family favorites, and The Joy of Cooking, and cookbooks from a wide range of healing traditions. I love to play with different ingredients and flavors and combine them in ways that are tasty and digestible, prerequisites for Ayurveda.

I’m a Bananagrams kind of cook. In Bananagrams, you get a small cache of letters and you see what words you can build from them. Similarly, I look at what foods are healing, affordable, nourishing and available, and build dishes with these.

My most recent food book Easy Healing Drinks from the Wisdom of Ayurveda with photographer Renee Lynn applies these same principles to make fresh simple beverages. By the way, The Cooling Coconut Green Drink in there is a goofy adaptation of one of my favorite coriander chutneys from The Ayurvedic Cookbook, and an easy way to consume more delicious greens than you might imagine.

I’ve been a part of Ayurveda now for forty years. I’ve been asked how the recipes in these cookbooks were created. What’s the thinking behind them, how can you make your own recipes? In 2022 I offered an Adapt Recipes course to meet these needs. Iza Bruen-Morningstar was a strong part of the creative process again – yet this time as tech support for the course. She instigated a lot of the planning with me. Again, it was truly a joy to play.

You can see us now, pre-recorded in this class, along with a small bevy of bright and creative cohort-participants. The course is now available as Adapt Recipes Use Ayurveda with ease in your daily life with food.

This is an On-Demand course: it’s recorded, not live. You explore the videos and the manual at your own pace. Between now and February 29th, there’s a big intro special on it.

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Discover more about Adapt Recipes Use Ayurveda with ease in your daily life with food here.

Ayurveda foods image thanks to Deva Khalsa

Bio: Amadea Morningstar has worked with food, energy and healing for more than 45 years, and with Ayurveda for 40 years. She’s the founder of the Ayurveda Polarity Therapy and Yoga Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and an internationally recognized author and teacher in the field of Ayurveda.