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Articles by Amadea

Walking into the New Year Owl-Wise

When I saw this image of a snowy owl, it immediately evoked wisdom and focus. Great way to start the new year, I thought, inviting us all to gather our wisdom as we enter yet another cycle of the unruly unknown. The snowy owl is one of the largest owls around, easily outweighing great horned…

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Moving into the New with Intention and the Five Elements

At the root of healing change in Ayurveda lie the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space.My teacher Garchen Rinpoche has connected the elements, attitudes and suffering. He has spoken in the past about the relationship of anger and fire. The aim is not to erase anger, yet to act with love on what…

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What’s to Know about Menopause?

When you think you could be heading into menopause, there’s a lot that’s mysterious and new. It’s time to expand your experiential horizons; stretch some. Is this a symptom of the PAUSE, or am I just restless? Is this room really hot or is it me? Then there’s that stage later in the experience where…

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The Clean Plate Club

Are you a member of the clean plate club? If ever I ask a group of people to pick out one rule from their past that still haunts their eating patterns, they choose the clean plate rule. You know, you’ve got to finish everything on your plate or else. As a kid, in my husband’s…

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What to Eat When the Rains Come?

In the Northern Hemisphere we are fortunate if the rains come, hopefully enough, and not too much or too little. With climate change, sentient beings have been hard hit in the last week, with record storms in Gujarat, West Bengal and Rajasthan displacing thousands of people in India. In areas across the planet as widespread…

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Finding Space for Yes

YES has been harder to find than NO lately. News in recent weeks in North America hasn’t promised fresh hope for the immediate support by this new administration of democracy and diversity. Instead, NO has become an essential and much used word by citizens and neighboring countries alike. “Mexico says no to Trump’s new deportation…

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