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Articles by Amadea


The new year was only a few weeks old when I walked into a fresh local Mexican restaurant for a quick enchilada before I got back to work. Late in the lunch hour, the first person I laid eyes on as I walked in the door kind of astounded me. It was Lady Liberty! How…

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Some glad news for the coming year: we have been acknowledged as one of the 30 Top Ayurveda blogs on the web! We send appreciation to Anuj Agarwal and his team. Check out all the great connections on his site As I come to the bottom of this year, it does feel like some…

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I’m here to write about women’s health. Yet first I’ve got to state, what is happening in the US in the last few weeks feels like an invasion from within. It is shocking. Yet we Americans are not alone in this. Millions of people across the planet are suffering dramatic changes of a similar nature…

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