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Some glad news for the coming year: we have been acknowledged as one of the 30 Top Ayurveda blogs on the web! We send appreciation to Anuj Agarwal and his team. Check out all the great connections on his site As I come to the bottom of this year, it does feel like some…

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I’m here to write about women’s health. Yet first I’ve got to state, what is happening in the US in the last few weeks feels like an invasion from within. It is shocking. Yet we Americans are not alone in this. Millions of people across the planet are suffering dramatic changes of a similar nature…

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When working on The Ayurvedic Cookbook some 27 years ago with my co-author Urmila Desai, I spent weeks trying to create a decent wheat-free chapatti. To not much avail. It seemed like it would benefit a lot of people, including Kaphas. While friends told me that certain brands of wheat-based chapati flour were easier for…

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This moment will not last. The zucchini and fresh basil around us will last a little longer. It’s August, they surround us, time to eat them. I’m writing from what some friends kindly call a “rustic” place in the woods. It’s become a great place to retreat to, with all the amenities of your average…

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Cool Quick Fruit Tapioca

In a large bowl or Tupperware container, stir together 1/2 cup small or large pearl tapioca with a quart of your favorite fruit juice calming to your dosha (pineapple coconut, blueberry pomegranate, or apricot are some tasty possibilities). If you’re running off to school, work, or play, let it rest in the fridge for a…

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Kichadi for One, Enough for One Day

(If you do this in the morning before you head into your day, kichadi will be waiting for you for lunch and dinner.) Wash well and soak: 1/2 cup split mung, 3/4 cup basmati rice of your choice. Cover with water together and let sit. Wash and chop whatever vegetables you’ll be using in this…

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