dynamics of Ayurvedic nutrition marma mind mahagunas

Dynamics of Ayurvedic Nutrition Marma Mind Mahagunas

In Dynamics of Ayurvedic Nutrition Marma Mind Mahagunas, I invite you to engage awareness, communication, touch, and food in ways that support kindness and curiosity. This course offers multiple ways to calm stress, enhance digestion, and improve absorption in the coming season.  Not every one of us will have access to a fresh giant kelp as Iza does here in the Harmonizing Digestive Marmani image. Yet each of us can begin to apply Marma therapy to settle our minds and guts, in our own ways. This course is about learning how.

Mentor with Amadea to hone your marma & health counseling skills

I’m getting oldish. Time might be short. What I teach now needs to make sense to me, topics that are needed and perhaps not available in other places. I’ve been teaching and practicing health education for 48 years. What I’ve noticed is, listening and respectful communication matter. Sometimes non-verbal support, as in Marma therapy, is better received than plunging in with words. Opening to all of our states of being (the koshas) with no state of mind left behind (the mahagunas) gives us more space to heal with food, digestion, and life.

It’s time to celebrate what I know, and pass it on. Dynamics of Ayurvedic Nutrition Marma Mind Mahagunas does this in a live online format.

Give your clients space to change, and give yourself space to change

As I listen in a one on one Ayurvedic nutrition education session, I’m also pacing the consult in ways that support the nervous system, koshas, and psyche of the person who’s come to me for guidance. One way to do this is to utilize guided touch with marmani, therapeutic points in Ayurveda and Yoga. If the session is amping up, perhaps tough memories or patterns are arising, I can invite my client to slow down, place one hand on their belly, the navel being a potent healing point for physical digestion. I’ll then ask them to place their other hand on their forehead, a marma point for mental digestion. (The marma points pictured above.) We’ll rest here for a few breaths; see how these two points feel. This process simultaneously gathers information and calms the parasympathetic nervous system. Or we could do this in an enlivening, rather than peaceful way, depending on the needs of the moment. These are the sorts of nuances and specific patterns we’ll learn in this course, Dynamics of Ayurvedic Nutrition Marma Mind Mahagunas.

Discern when to use a sattvic, rajasic, or tamasic approach with clients

 Another effective way to support the person who’s come to me is to listen with awareness, noticing what states of mind I bring to our shared session, and what they are bringing. Within the context of Ayurveda, the mahagunas of sattva, rajas, and tamas color our worlds. Whether we’re feeling peaceful, curious, upbeat, and neutral, or enraged and furious, or withdrawn and depressed, these impact our health and nourishment. We need all three states of mind in life: sattva to initiate and inspire, rajas to get the job done, tamas to know when it’s time to stop. In Dynamics of Ayurvedic Nutrition Marma Mind Mahagunas we’ll be exploring how to consciously use these states of mind for healing.

We’ll combine an open appreciation for where we and our clients are, in the present moment, with marma and awareness. We’ll integrate yet another skill, reflective listening, to get clearer about what our clients are saying and strengthen our communication skills. To practice each of these tools, we’ll be working together in break out rooms within Zoom.

The lowdown

Dynamics of Ayurvedic Nutrition Marma Mind Mahagunas is a short course: 2 ½ hours per week for 2 weeks back to back, October 5th and 12th, 5 hours total. Time to give yourself a chance to explore. We’re offering different sections, to suit participants and the time zone in which they’re studying. For NAMA members, PACE credits are available. Please note: the course is offered on a donation basis, to accommodate participants’ varying needs.

If you are looking for other resources about the Dynamics of Ayurvedic Nutrition, consider the discussion and seasonal recipes in Easy Healing Drinks from the Wisdom of Ayurveda as well as The Ayurvedic Cookbook, my original foray into this work. Ayurvedic Cooking for Westerners journeys further into how the mahagunas manifest in foods.

Harmonizing Digestive Marmani with Iza image thanks to Greg Smart