Tribute to Asha Hunt

Asha Hunt, APTYI’s Events Manager in the early years of our short history, died January 22, 2011 in North Carolina after an unexpected illness. She is survived by many loved ones, both family and friends.
Asha was the events manager and registrar, a student, an Ayurvedic Nutrition graduate, co-worker, and inspiration for many APTYI events. She brought her deep skills in energetic healing as well as many years of experience in events management from the College of Santa Fe. Yet most of all Asha and I were friends, and we both knew it. Now that she is gone, I can see that she was also here for these blessed two short hard working years as a profound teacher of mine. She chose her own path, pursued innovative and sustainable ways of healing, and supported her loved ones in countless ways.  She was extremely present and loving, with a deep well of stillness inside. She had a remarkable knack for helping people find ease in their core, as well as the light and humor inside. Her courage and intelligence in following her inner compass astounds, inspires, and humbles me. With love, respect, and friendship, Amadea