Amadea Morningstar graduates as an RYT in the integral Yoga tradition


Following a 200 hour course of study, January 16, 2011, Amadea was in the first RYT class to graduate from Satchidananda Mission, an approved Integral Yoga Teacher Training in Athens, Georgia. The program, lead by long time Integral Yoga teachers Rev. Manjula Spears, Dr. Richard Panico, Swami Ramananda, and the Rev. Lakshmi Sutter, was remarkable in the depth of its commitment to the eight limbs of yoga, as well as its wild weather. The class of twelve YTTs experienced 106 degree weather in June, 2010, and days of freezing snow and ice in January 2011, all in a small yurt. Amadea will be weaving Integral Yoga into her teaching in Ayurvedic Self Care. She is grateful to her teachers and fellow YTTS for this strongly cohesive heart-felt adventure together.