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Dhatu Rejuvenation Program DVDs


DVD with Amadea Morningstar and Sarah Michelle Cutler

Integrate marma and mantra therapy into your asana practice. Dhatu Rejuvenation Yoga is a simple, practical program for strengthening your vital tissues. It was originally designed by Amadea, RYT, RPE, as a way to directly, kinesthetically learn about the dhatus, the seven essential tissues of Ayurveda. Based on Viniyoga techniques, it is an effective and easy program of rejuvenation. In this DVD viewers are guided through a twenty minute floor program by Sarah Michelle Cutler, RPP, KYT, with Amadea narrating. Additional expanded segments include discussions of Marma and Mantra Therapy in healing with Amadea, and a dynamic new standing movement routine by Sarah. (112 minutes total)

This DVD includes two yoga programs for healing the dhatus. “I use the gentle floor program when I’m in need of healing and reconnecting with the flow of my dhatus. When I’m feeling great and want a more intensive workout, Sarah’s standing program is just the energizing ticket!” Amadea

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