“I wanted to thank you for such an awesome lesson today. I first heard about Ayurveda a month ago, and had been so excited for your class. You exceeded my highest expectations, and it is something I plan to study more deeply. Thank you so much for a wonderful introduction to this style of healing. Namaste“ Rae S., 2013

“…thank you so much for your Navigating the Holidays series…It’s one thing for me to know what to do, but another to go there (on site) and step into an environment you create to nurture us and help us nurture ourselves. It is deeply appreciated. “ Wendy H., 2013

“I completed my Ayurvedic Lifestyle Certification (750 hours) at Kripalu last year. The courses I took from you, Amadea, were a perfect mix of review and new information that helped to make the completion of the 750 hour course much easier. Thanks… Your courses are wonderful.” Brenda D., 2011

“I highly recommend taking (these on site and distance ASCE courses), especially if you are out of town some of the time and can listen to the tapes at your own leisure. The whole experience of learning over the space of a year was wonderful in that it allowed us to digest the material.

Because Amadea is such a healer and so non-dogmatic but so full of wisdom, she is a real jewel of profound information. I had no idea when I started what I was getting into – I thought it would be mostly about cooking. . . All the people in my class were professionals in this field, but this class really takes you to the next level of applying the wisdom. And we had so much fun during each session, it seemed like the Time flew by. So, extraordinary food, profound knowledge of how the body works, each person looked at as different, related yoga in the morning, cool polarity techniques to work on each other with, what could be better? With love, “ Marguerite W. 2011